Frequently Asked Questions

Does Science Rising support or endorse any candidates in the 2020 election?

NO. Science Rising—like science itself—is non-partisan. Events and activities affiliated with Science Rising do not endorse or support specific candidates for office.

How do I get involved?

Anybody can participate in Science Rising and our democracy.

Register to vote. To get started, make sure first that you are registered to vote. Elections matter. Make sure you can participate! Our voter registration resources make it easy to do so.

Take part in (or organize!) a Science Rising activity or event. Science Rising partners will be hosting a series of events across the country and throughout the year, similar to what groups did in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections. Check back in to find an event happening near you, or consider organizing a Science Rising event of your own—our Resources are a great place to get started. If you have an event planned, submit your application today to be added to our events platform.

Take action now and write an op-ed to your local media outlet. Elevate your voice to highlight the importance of science and technology in the upcoming elections, especially as a tool for justice. Our step-by-step guide makes it easy to get started. We are also actively soliciting story pitches, which will be published and promoted on Sister, a Science Rising coalition partner.

If you are interested in becoming a Science Rising partner organization, please reach out to us at

What types of activities are part of Science Rising?

A wide range of activities, events, and actions fall within the broad goals of Science Rising. All of them work to elevate the role of science in the decision-making processes of our democracy, with a particular focus on the intersection of science, justice, and equity.

Science Rising activities can include direct action and engagement with decision makers; a presentation, training, or event; or other activities. Science Rising activities can also engage candidates across the political spectrum by working to ensure that they hear about—and respond to—the key science-related issues you care about. (Science Rising activities cannot support or endorse any specific candidate or political party.)  

You can get a sense of the range of possibilities, along with resources to help you organize one yourself, on our Resources page.

When and where will activities be posted?

We will be announcing a full slate of Science Rising events beginning in early January. All events will be listed on this web site. Watch for new events to be added regularly throughout 2020.  

In the meantime, check out what our partners and participating organizations are up to.

How do I submit an event for listing?

Simply fill out our 2020 event application, it’ll only take a few minutes. If you have questions about Science Rising events, you can email us at

Who is organizing Science Rising?

A core group of organizing partners is playing a lead role in coordinating, organizing, and promoting Science Rising. The Union of Concerned Scientists supports and maintains the Science Rising website.

How can I join Science Rising as a partner group?

Groups can join the movement in three ways.

Participating groups and individuals include anyone who submits an event, activity, training, or resource to the Science Rising site; they can choose to receive Science Rising materials to include in their event.

Organizing partners participate in the decision-making process for the organization and implementation of Science Rising. Organizing partners may act as media spokespeople and are encouraged to promote Science Rising and its affiliated resources, opportunities, and activities.

Coalition partners are invited to participate in all of the same opportunities as organizing partners, but recognize they may not have the time and capacity to contribute to the decision making processes.

All participating groups and individuals agree to uphold the core principles of Science Rising, and benefit from the increased visibility and connections that come with Science Rising and its growing community of partner groups. To learn more or join today, email us at

What type of Science Rising materials are available?

To help highlight participation in Science Rising, we currently offer the following visual resources:

Event organizers can highlight their participation in Science Rising on event brochures, flyers, or other materials. Download the full-size image. Stickers are also available—contact for more information.
Encourage people to share why they vote for science! Download the full-size image for signs and other larger format uses.

A note on printing signs: To produce signs for rallies or other events where people will be holding up the sign, ask your local print shop for 100# (100-pound) cover stock, double-sided. For hanging up at an event, a more standard 20# paper weight, single-sided is generally sufficient.