Frequently Asked Questions

What types of activities are included in Science Rising?

A wide range of activities, events, and actions fall within the broad goals of Science Rising and include both local events as well as online activities open to anyone. All of them work to elevate the role of science in the decision-making processes of our democracy and help resist efforts that sideline science from decisions that affect us all.

These activities can include direct action and engagement with decision makers; a presentation, training, or event; as part of a group online action; or other activities. You can get a sense of the range of possibilities, along with resources to help you organize one yourself, on our Resources page.

Note that Science Rising is a non-partisan effort—events and activities can not endorse or support specific candidates.

All activities are group-oriented, open to the public, and should have a way for participants to get involved in the issue being discussed. Fundraising may be a secondary aspect of an event but not the primary focus.

How do I sign up for a Science Rising activity?

To register, learn more, or ask a question about an activity listed on Science Rising, visit the organizing group’s listing for the event—a link is included with each listing on Science Rising.

I can’t find anything happening near me. Will more listings be added?

Absolutely. Science Rising just launched in early April 2018 and you can expect to see more activities listed over the coming weeks and months.

You can also always participate in one of the online activities being organized. If you don’t see an activity near you, consider organizing or submitting a qualifying event yourself!

How do I submit an activity for listing on Science Rising?

It’s easy. Simply fill out this form.

You’ll need to provide a URL where people can sign up for the event or get more information. This can be a web page on your organization’s web site, a Facebook event posting, or other online listing platform. Content information for the primary event contact is used only if we have questions about the submission listing; it is not posted publicly or shared with any other party.

Qualifying events will be posted within two business days of submission.

Why should I list an activity with Science Rising?

You’ll get more exposure, publicity, and be connected to the broader movement to stand up for science. Partner organizations and participants are spreading the word about Science Rising online and in person—and the more activities that are posted, the more valuable a resource this website will become for anyone interested in science advocacy.

If you or your organization has a relevant opportunity coming up, please submit it!

What if there are changes to my listing?

Send us an email at support@sciencerising and we’ll update it for you within two business days.

I’d like to organize an event but don’t know if I have the time

If you’re interested in getting actively involved, but aren’t sure if you have the time or ability, check out this post on pairing the right types of advocacy actions with your available time and resources.

Is Science Rising associated with the March for Science?

This is not the March for Science. It’s a complementary effort to encourage actions throughout the year, raise the voice of science, and encourage participation in our democracy.

Who is organizing Science Rising?

A core group of organizing partners is playing a lead role in coordinating, organizing, and promoting Science Rising. The Union of Concerned Scientists supports and maintains the Science Rising calendar of events.

What is Art for Science Rising?

Grants have been awarded to artists across the country who submitted winning proposals for public-facing art that highlights the role science plays in protecting our health and safety, and the critical role we all play in ensuring that science isn’t sidelined. Installations will appear beginning in August. 

How can I become more involved in Science Rising?

If you are interested in becoming a partner or otherwise increasing your involvement in the Science Rising effort, please email us at

What type of visuals are available for Science Rising?

To help highlight participation in Science Rising, we offer the following visual resources:

Event organizers can highlight their participation in Science Rising on event brochures, flyers, or other materials. Download the full-size image. Stickers are also available—contact for more information.
You can download a full-size image for printing signs, or a smaller image for other uses.
Encourage people to share why they vote for science! Download the full-size image for signs and other larger format uses.

A note on printing signs: To produce signs for rallies or other events where people will be holding up the sign, ask your local print shop for 100# (100-pound) cover stock, double-sided. For hanging up at an event, a more standard 20# paper weight, single-sided is generally sufficient.