What Is Science Rising?

Science Rising is a nationwide mobilization effort with the goal of ensuring science is front-and-center in the decision-making processes that affect us all. We launched in 2018 with a successful series of actions, events, and activities organized by many different groups around the country, including everything from Wikipedia edit-a-thons to rallies to candidate forums. Read more about what we accomplished on our blog.

Why now?

In the past few years, it has become clear that powerful interests are actively sidelining science and creating serious threats to our health and safety, our climate, and to the role of science in our democracy. But it’s also clear that there’s enormous energy to put science to work for justice and the public interest. We’ve seen an uprising of grassroots organizations and activists around the country who are standing up to attacks on science and mobilizing to reclaim democratic power.

The threats we face now make it imperative that we call out attacks on science when we see them and hold our decision makers accountable when they attempt to distort, discredit, or sideline the scientific evidence that we need to protect our health and safety. It is essential that we re-affirm and re-energize our commitment to science as a tool for justice—and continue to build a broad, long-term movement to carry these values forward in the years to come.

Together, we can send the strong message that the scientific community—and indeed, anyone who cares about the crucial role of science in our democracy—will resist attacks on science and fight to advance the role of science for change and progress.

What are we fighting for?

These are the core principles of Science Rising:

Our health and safety depend on science. We cannot fully protect Americans’ health and safety without access to science. Vital science-based protections prevent exposure to lead, mercury, and unsafe pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products, along with many other threats to our food, air, and water. (See our Twitter chat on this principle)

Science should support equity and justice. All too often, the benefits of scientific and technological advances have not been equitably shared. It is not enough to develop solutions that improve health, security, and the environment at a general level; science can and should be applied to reduce racial, social, and economic inequities. (See our Twitter chat on this principle)

We all suffer when science becomes partisan. Science is non-partisan and should inform decision making no matter which party is in power. All government officials should be expected to resist the temptation to politicize science or muzzle scientific experts. We must be vigilant to ensure that publicly funded and independent science is never suppressed, censored, or manipulated. (See our Twitter chat on this principle)

A healthy democracy requires honesty and accountability. Lying to the public for private or political gain is always wrong. We should all be able to know the facts, even when they are inconvenient—especially when they are inconvenient. Public officials and private interests should face consequences when they mislead the public. (See our Twitter chat on this principle)

The public has a right to know. Taxpayers have a right to access the methodology and results of public research, and to privately funded scientific information that can help keep us safe. The public has a right to access scientific information, especially when the information has implications for public health and safety. (See our Twitter chat on this principle)

We all need to stand up for science. All of us—not just scientists but also educators, business people, and other concerned individuals—need to speak out when science is ignored, manipulated, or censored. Such actions undermine our democracy, inhibit progress, increase inequity, and lead to decisions that endanger our health and safety. The scientific community can and should foster a culture of science advocacy that encourages scientists and those who want to protect science to engage in their local communities and participate in the policymaking and political process. (See our Twitter chat on this principle)

Who are we? Partners of Science Rising

Science Rising is a broad-based effort collectively organized by an array of participating organizations and individuals. The Union of Concerned Scientists supports and maintains the Science Rising website.

Any group or individual who hosted an event in 2018 is considered a valuable partner of Science Rising, though you do not need to organize an event to join the movement. Some groups are taking a more active leadership role in this effort; they are listed below as organizing and coalition partners. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the overall Science Rising effort, please email us at support@sciencerising.org.

Organizing partners

Coalition Partners

Participating Organizations