Join the Movement

Science Rising is a network of partners and advocates that fights for science, equity, and justice in our democracy.  Follow the movement at #ScienceRising.  

Get ready  

Science Rising is currently gathering forces for the 2020 election to highlight the importance of science and technology in our democracy, especially as a tool for justice. 

We are gearing up for this next year by launching our 2020 Science Rising Event Calendar. Submit your event application today so people across the country can find activities in their area. 

Take action now 

  • Get registered to vote. Elections matter. So does your vote. But you can’t cast a ballot if you’re not registered. Make sure you’re ready for the next election—and ensure your friends and colleagues are as well.  
  • Elevate your voice: Write an op-ed for your local media outlet and share your story, values, and call to action.  

Join the movement